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About K2K

Welcome to Knight2King‘s new home now on WordPress!

We, ([info]thinkmilly and [info]lizardlaugh), have had ongoing conversations since mid-November following several hp_california meet ups regarding various theories on future plot developments in the Harry Potter book series.

The significance of the chess game in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (PS/SS) was a recurring topic of discussion. We wondered what it might mean in the context of the series as a whole.

This wordpress account is a the third of a series of migrating homes for our thoughts and more importanly theories on the now finished Harry Potter series. (The first two being hosted on a .Mac account and the second on an Aventurehost server using Movable type.)

The [info]unplottables community, is still active and open for further discussion as are the very real groups of people who meet monthly to talk about all things Harry Potter and other mutual interests at hp_california and HPLA.

This new home is for archival purposes. You’re invited to comment on the
[info]unplottables community, if you have 2 cents to contribute.

We are aware of where J.K.Rowling stands on all of this, and our reaction is posted in this blog: here.

Thank you for visiting and having a read!

Disclaimer: This website contains theories about events and characters from Harry Potter (Year 1-5) written by J.K. Rowling. WARNING! Spoilers ahead; up to book 5 and any and all information provided by Jo via her website.



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