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Working the clues… predicting the future? August 22, 2004

Posted by thinkmilly in Theories.
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Theory/Observation: JKR’s site and clues therein

Character(s) and/or artifact (s): Business cards, combination locks,

Abstract/summary: [info]lizardlaugh and I have been pouring over the clues left on Jo’s corkboard and along with some interesting observations we’ve gotten from other people, including [info]hp_speculation we’ve been chatting and we’ve come up with some interesting observations!(I’m sure many people have come up with this already, but I thought I’d post post the generals here and the surprise bit at the bottom about Harry’s 6th year and some of my predictions.)Supporting evidence: ( The easy ones )

( Jo’s date with shepperton studios next month?!?!? )

( Of real importance—Combo locks and numerology! )